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Why do I need to enable third party cookies for Safe Apps?
Why do I need to enable third party cookies for Safe Apps?

Context on why your Safe Apps might not be loading.

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Privacy awareness when browsing the web has increased recently, so adding some ad-blockers or privacy extensions is a very common trend. Browsers also offer native capabilities to disable third party cookies, such as Brave with their shields system.

When browsers operate under these circumstances, and due to a bug in Chromium, web applications cannot access some common web APIs like localStorage when being executed inside an iframe.

Safe Apps are loaded using an iframe. And while access to localStorage it is not a hard requirement for all Safe Apps, some apps require it for certain features.. When a Safe App requires localStorage and it is not granted access - it can completely fail or show error messages depending on the operation.

How to enable third party cookies to access Safe Apps


  1. Enter `chrome://settings/cookies` in your navigation bar or go to `Settings/Security And Privacy/Cookies and other site data`.

  2. Click on `Allow all cookies`. If you are not using the Safe on Incognito windows then `Block third-party cookies in Incognito` should be enough.


  1. Enter `about:preferences#privacy` in your Navigation bar or go to `Settings/Security And Privacy` section.

  2. Click on the `Standard` protection level for browser privacy or choose a `Custom` level where third party cookies are not blocked.

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