Cancel Transactions
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In case you change your mind and want to not execute a transaction after all, there is a way to cancel pending transactions. However, the only way to effectively prevent already (partially) signed transaction to not be executed in the future, an "empty" transaction has to be executed at the same nonce. Read more about this here.

In order to create this empty cancellation transaction, you can either click on the x icon in the transaction header or the Cancel button in the transaction details.

You will then be asked to sign with your connected signer wallet (e.g. Metamask or Ledger device). After this is done, you will see that there is a new transaction in the transaction list that is conflicting with the initial transaction that is supposed to be canceled.

To actually complete the cancellation, potential other signers of your Safe would have to confirm the cancellation transaction. This can be done by navigating to the transaction details of the cancellation transaction and clicking the confirm button.

With the last signature that is required, you will be able to execute the cancellation transaction. This will require a small transaction fee (here's why).

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