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Sign transactions with a Ledger device
Sign transactions with a Ledger device
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While using a hardware wallet as a signer of your Safe is recommended to maximize your security setup, it can come with some challenges. Below we share some issues that you might encounter when signing transactions with your Ledger device.

Initial Setup

To start with, you need to make sure that your Ledger device is connected to your computer. Additionally, your Ledger needs to be unlocked and the Ethereum app is selected.

You can then go ahead and select the Ledger option in the Safe application:

Contract Data

One of the most common issues is that after trying to confirm a transaction, the Ledger device remains unchanged, so does not ask you to confirm the action. This can happen because Safe requires Ledger devices to have the “Contract Data” setting activated. This often ist deactivated by default, so to turn the feature on take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Ethereum App on your Ledger

  2. Open the Settings

  3. Navigate to the “Contract Data” option and make sure it is activated

Having to confirm multiple times

Some users might find confirming transactions with a Ledger device cumbersome as it may take numerous clicks (up to 17) on the hardware wallet to confirm a transaction. To learn how to reduce this to just one click, click here.

Gas price

Currently, it is not possible to set the gas price of a transaction execution from within Safe. The gas price is set by the signer wallet, which often allow users to modify the gas price manually in order to achieve the preferred execution speed. However, Ledger does not let their users manually set the gas price. In most cases, this is not an issue, but sometimes the gas estimation is not correct leading to a failed transaction due to an out of gas error.

Ledger via Metamask

While we do not recommend it, you can also import your Ledger account into Metamask and use this to sign on Safe. Here’s how to do this.

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