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Add an ERC-20 token to the Safe token list
Add an ERC-20 token to the Safe token list
How to get a specific asset whitelisted.
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All ERC-20 tokens that are not explicitly marked as spam, will show up in the interface. However, if you want a specific token to also have a proper token logo and a different token name than the one one the ERC-20 token contract, please contact us in our dedicated add-my-token-logo channel within the Safe Discord.

Make sure to include the following information:

Full name of the asset: "Compound DAI"

Symbol/Ticker (ideally 3-4 letters): "cDAI"

Token contract address: 0x5d3a536E4D6DbD6114cc1Ead35777bAB948E3643

Image of the token logo: .png file (square, at least 128x128px)

Legitimacy Proof:

We also require some indicator of token authenticity. Therefore, please provide us with a link to a renowned token curator that listed the token, which can be either:

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