This guide assumes you have successfully created a Gnosis Safe account.

Head to the transaction list and open the creation transaction:

Open Settings -> Safe Details

  • Verify that the Safe version is recognized as a valid one.

Open Settings -> Owners

  • Verify that all owners are correctly set and addresses that you expect.

Open Settings -> Policies

  • Verify that this info matches your Safe configuration during Safe creation.

Open Settings -> Advanced

  • Verify that the Current Nonce is 0 and that no modules are enabled.

All of the above can also be double checked with the Gnosis Safe mobile app.

Open the creation transaction on Etherscan

  • Check that status is Success

  • Check that From is your wallet that created the Safe and matches Creator from the Safe web interface.

  • Check that To is one of the canonical Gnosis Safe proxy factories, e.g. 0x76E2cFc1F5Fa8F6a5b3fC4c8F4788F0116861F9B and that it matches Factory from above.

Open the "Logs" tab.

Open your Safe on Etherscan

  • On Transactions check that there is no transaction, yet.

Open Contract

The contract creation code should be the following:


Mark this contract as proxy

Note: Currently, this feature is only available after executing 1 Safe transaction. That is due to how Etherscan detects proxies.

Now you can Read as Proxy

Please note: All of the above assume that both Etherscan or the Gnosis Safe web interface report correct data. In order to go one level deeper, you would have to directly interact with a trusted RPC endpoint to verify blockchain data. However this requires a lot of technical knowledge. There is no easy to use guide for this, yet.

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