Snapshot is a platform for off-chain, gasless signaling on proposals, and it is widely used by popular decentralised finance projects to open protocol governance decisions to their community. The platform weights votes by the amount of a given token a participating wallet address holds.

The Snapshot platform was built to interact with EOA wallets, like Metamask. Today, however, smart contract accounts like the Gnosis Safe are becoming more and more popular. To use your Gnosis Safe to participate in Snapshot polls, follow these quick steps.

Navigate to, and connect your Gnosis Safe using the Safe App for WalletConnect. Then, enter an address of an EOA wallet or ENS name you control or to which you would like to delegate, and click the Confirm button.

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After, you will be able to see the EOA wallet address(es) you’ve delegated to from your Gnosis Safe whenever you return to this page. Delegated addresses allow you to use an EOA wallet that represents the governance token holdings in your Gnosis Safe. In order to participate in Snapshot polls through delegation, make sure you’ve connected the wallet to which you’ve delegated.

Important: For a delegated address to be effective when signaling on a Snapshot poll, the address has to have been delegated to by the block number set on the Snapshot poll.

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