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“Nest Safes” - How to use another Safe as a signer for another Safe?
“Nest Safes” - How to use another Safe as a signer for another Safe?

How to use another Safe as a signer for another Safe?

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In certain circumstances you might like to use a Safe as a signatory to another Safe. We call these “Nested Safes”. This article will walk you through the steps to take to make this setup operational.


  1. For Nested Safes to work one of the owners of the Safe has to set it up using an Externally Owned Account (EOA) such as one on Metamask. This owner account will be used to initiate whatever transactions you might want to carry out.


Example of the safe setup;

2 Owners. One owner signs using an EOA (Metamask) while the other owner uses another safe. The threshold for this safe is 2 implying that both owners must sign the transaction in order for it to be successful.

You asked your colleague to share with you their wallet address while setting up a Safe with 2 owners. They decided to share with you their Safe address instead. Once the Safe is created, you initiate a transaction but while you can sign it on your end, your colleague does not see any pending transactions from you in their queue.

The following are steps you would take to set it up.

  1. Initiate the transaction and sign it using the ‘owner’ Safe.

  2. Ask your colleague to open the Safe in question and connect their wallet.

  3. Then ask them to open the WalletConnect app through the Apps section.

  4. In your Safe, disconnect the current signer wallet and then attempt to connect using WalletConnect.

  5. Copy the connection link below the QR-Code and share it with your colleague. Ask them to paste it in the connection link provision as indicated in step.

  6. Once they do, go to your transaction queue and confirm the transaction. They will get a prompt to sign it on their end.

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