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Import owner key

How to import an existing owner key that was created elsewhere.

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There are several ways to add your owner key to the Mobile App. You can

  • Import already existing key by a seed phrase or a private key

  • Generate new owner key

  • Connect your Ledger Nano X owner key

  • Connect key using WalletConnect from another wallet on the same or another device

You can find your owner keys in the App Settings.

Import already existing key by a seed phrase or a private key.

Tap Owner keys > Add key > Import existing owner key. It will guide you through entering the seed phrase of your owner account that you want to use on mobile.

Enter your seed phrase

Select the account you want to use. (Context: You can derive multiple accounts from a single seed phrase. If you don't know that, continue with account #1.)

You have successfully imported your account and are ready to use it to confirm transactions!

Generate new owner key

Generating a new signer key is super simple. Just click Create New Key, give the new signer key a name ... and you are done!

Your new signer key is securely stored on your mobile device. However, you should make sure to create a backup of your signer key, so you can recover it in case you lose access to your mobile device.

Connect your Ledger Nano X owner key

Mobile App uses Bluetooth to get information about owner keys stored on Ledger Nano X device.

Tap Connect Ledger Nano X and follow instructions.

Please check that you use the latest App version and Ledger Nano X firmware if you face issues.

Connect key using WalletConnect

You can connect an owner key managed by another wallet on the same device. We added support for the following wallets: MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust, and LedgerLive.

To use another wallet, you can scan a QR code or make a screen picture with the QR code and load it in your wallet on the same device.

When you connect your wallet, you can find an indicator with the status of the connection. Simply swipe on the key and select this action to disconnect or reconnect.

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