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How to add an Owner Key to the Safe such that you can transact on mobile (to enable transactions on mobile?) - iOS only
How to add an Owner Key to the Safe such that you can transact on mobile (to enable transactions on mobile?) - iOS only

How to add your owner key to the Safe such that you can transact.

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You have successfully created or loaded an existing safe on your mobile device. Unless you import one of the owner keys, the safe will be in read-only mode. In order to be able to sign transactions and interact with your safe, you need to connect the owner key first.

Step 1

There are various ways to get the prompt to add an owner key but the most basic one is attempting to transact. Just tap “Send” button and you will immediately be prompted to to “Add Owner Key”

Alternatively go to “Settings” then under APP SETTINGS select “Owner keys”

Step 2

We have 4 options from which you can choose depending on how you set up the SAFE. Refer to the image below. For this article we are going to add an owner key using Metamask via WalletConnect. Each option has different guidelines, choose the one that meets the criteria for the Safe that was created.

In order to add an owner key via WalletConnect, do the following steps:

  1. Install Metamask iOS app;

  2. Configure Metamask with the same wallet used as an owner of the Safe

    1. This wallet can be added as the owner key.

Step 3

After clicking Connect key you can select another wallet supporting WalletConnect protocol beside Metamask that has your owner key imported.

Step 4

Select your wallet. As Metamask has already been installed, it will appear in ‘On this device’ section.

  • Tapping Metamask will redirect you to the Metamask App. Click ‘Connect’ in the modal sheet. You will be redirected to the Safe app to give a name to the owner key you just connected.

Step 5

You will need to create a 6-digit passcode if you have not done so already. This passcode will be needed to open the app and sign transactions. We recommend to always set the passcode for better security.

Once done, you have successfully added an Owner Key and can now initiate transactions using your mobile device. Please bear in mind that depending on the threshold set, transactions will only fully be executed if this threshold is met.

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