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How to use Safe while OpenEthereum nodes have syncing issues?
How to use Safe while OpenEthereum nodes have syncing issues?
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On April 15, 2021, the Berlin hardfork activated. The popular OpenEthereum client is now facing a syncing issue (more on this).

Safe infrastructure, similar to other services such as Etherscan, is relying on OpenEthereum tracing nodes. Hence the user experience of as well as our mobile apps, is impacted. The following describes how.


Most importantly: All funds are safe. There is no smart contract issue. There are just temporary interface issues.

  • ETH and token balances are working fine.

  • Collectibles will not show up. (Your collectibles are all safe. They are just not shown in the interface, temporarily.)

  • New transactions will show up in the queue. The queue is only updated once every 5 minutes, i.e. once you execute a transaction, it will disappear from the queue latest after 5 minutes. And only then, the interface will allow you to execute the next transaction.

  • Transaction history will only be partially updated, i.e. some information might be missing or wrong in the interface. For instance, incoming ETH will not be shown on the transaction history. Some transaction states can be wrong. And some transactions might not show up at all even though they have been executed successfully.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Technical users might want to check out the Safe command-line interface at for the time being.

Please watch for announcements.

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