Verify Safe creation

This is a collection of steps you could take to verify your Safe creation.

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This guide assumes you have successfully created a Safe.

In the Safe web interface:

Head to the transaction list and open the creation transaction:

Open Settings -> Safe Details

  • Verify that the Safe version is recognized as a valid one.

Open Settings -> Owners

  • Verify that all owners are correctly set and addresses that you expect.

Open Settings -> Policies

  • Verify that this info matches your Safe configuration during Safe creation.

Open Settings -> Advanced

  • Verify that the Current Nonce is 0 and that no modules are enabled.

All of the above can also be double checked with the Safe mobile app.

On Etherscan:

Open the creation transaction on Etherscan

  • Check that status is Success

  • Check that From is your wallet that created the Safe and matches Creator from the Safe web interface.

  • Check that To is one of the canonical Safe proxy factories, e.g. 0x76E2cFc1F5Fa8F6a5b3fC4c8F4788F0116861F9B and that it matches Factory from above.

Open the "Logs" tab.

Open your Safe on Etherscan

  • On Transactions check that there is no transaction, yet.

Open Contract

The contract creation code should be the following:


Mark this contract as proxy

Note: Currently, this feature is only available after executing 1 Safe transaction. That is due to how Etherscan detects proxies.

Now you can Read as Proxy

Please note: All of the above assume that both Etherscan or the Safe web interface report correct data. In order to go one level deeper, you would have to directly interact with a trusted RPC endpoint to verify blockchain data. However this requires a lot of technical knowledge. There is no easy to use guide for this, yet.

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