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This article explains how to set up your Metamask so you can create and manage Safes on the Gnosis Chain.

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Gnosis Chain is an EVM based Ethereum sidechain (L2 chain). Learn more about it here

Please note: Gnosis Chain and Ethereum mainnet are completely separate blockchains. A Safe on Ethereum does not automatically exist on Gnosis Chain. DO NOT SEND ETHEREUM MAINNET FUNDS TO A GNOSIS CHAIN ADDRESS, unless you know what you are doing. Also, dapps are different on both networks. Not all Ethereum mainnet dapps exist on Gnosis Chain and vice versa.

The Safe interface is available for Gnosis Chain here

In order to interact with it, you need to connect with a wallet that supports Gnosis Chain.

Metamask does not support Gnosis Chain out of the box. This is how you configure Gnosis Chain on Metamask.

Hit "save" and select Gnosis Chain in the network dropdown. You should now be able to connect to the Safe with your Metamask.

Metamask’s gas estimates are sometimes a bit off on Gnosis Chain. On Gnosis Chain you should be able to use a gas price of 1 in almost all cases.

You can check for other Gnosis Chain compatible wallets here

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