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Adding a Safe owner on mobile
Adding a Safe owner on mobile
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You have successfully created or loaded an existing safe on your mobile device. Now you would like to add another owner to the safe and even change the threshold. Here is how to do it

To add an owner to your wallet, you need to:

Step 1

Navigate to “Settings” ➡ SAFE SETTINGS and tap on the plus icon to add an owner.

Step 2

Enter the owner’s address and tap on ‘Continue’. You can choose any of the given options to add the address. Assign a name to the address and tap on ‘continue’


Set a threshold. Here is where you set the number of owners that are supposed to confirm the transactions before it’s executed.

Review the changes and tap on ‘submit’. When the submission is complete, confirm the transaction. Bear in mind that the current threshold must be met before changes can be made.

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