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How to create a Safe on your iOS
How to create a Safe on your iOS

Here is how to create a Safe on your iPhone or iPad.

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This article guides you on how to create a safe on your iPhone.

You can download the iOS app here.

Step 1 - Create a New Safe

Tap on “Create New Safe” to start creating a safe


You will then see a brief of what is going to take place while the Safe is being created.

Step 2; Label the Safe

Under SAFE NAME, give your Safe a name.

Step 3; - Select Blockchain Network

Under NETWORK, select the appropriate blockchain network you want to use with this safe.

Step 4; - Add Safe Owners and Set Threshold

Now add SAFE OWNERS. At this stage you are going to add the addresses of the people who can interact with the safe. You can learn more about Safe owners here

After this, you will need to set how many of those owners need to confirm a transaction before it’s fully executed. Do this under the “Required Confirmations” Section

Step 5; - Pay for Safe Creation

Safe doesn't charge for the Safe Creation. The fee indicated is charged on the blockchain network. In order for this process to be complete, this safe needs to be created on the specified blockchain network, a process that incurs some fees.

At this point, you are going to specify what wallet/address from which the fees are going to be charged.

  • Under Payment details, tap “Pay With” to connect to your wallet.

  • Tap on “import existing owner Key” to import the key from your wallet.

Read the guide on how it works and then tap Next in the top right side corner.

Enter your seed phrase then click on Next

Enter the password you’ll use to access your Safe. We recommend setting up a passcode to avoid improper use of the wallet.

Tap Create Safe. Enter the password you’ve created. Let it load then tap on “Start using Safe”.

Voila. You have successfully created your Safe on your phone.

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