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Connect to dApps with WalletConnect on mobile
Connect to dApps with WalletConnect on mobile

Use Safe Mobile to connect your Safe to dApps.

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If you are looking for a way to connect to a dApp from Safe Web, please refer to this article.

How to connect a Dapp to Safe on mobile.

There are two ways to connect to a dApp.

Using the WalletConnect scan button

  1. On the “dApps” tab in the bottom right corner select the WalletConnect button. The QR code scanner will appear.

  2. Open a dApp that supports WalletConnect, for instance, on some other device.

  3. Select "WalletConnect" as a connection method inside the dApp.

  4. Scan the QR code with your mobile device from step 1.

Using universal links when using dApp on the same mobile device

On many dApps that support WalletConnect you can select Safe directly to connect it.

1. Open a dApp that supports WalletConnect on the same device in a web browser, for instance,

2. Select the “Safe” wallet. You should be redirected to the Safe app, and a new session will appear

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