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How to connect a Safe to a dApp using WalletConnect
How to connect a Safe to a dApp using WalletConnect
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Before October 31st 2023 the Safes could have been connected to dApps via WalletConnect Safe App. Now this functionality is replaced with the one described below.


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on utilizing WalletConnect within Safe{Wallet}. Navigate through the steps to harness the full potential of WalletConnect for a seamless experience.

Feature Highlights: Native WalletConnect

  • Button Placement: The Native WalletConnect button is conveniently located at the top in the header.

  • Connection Dropdown: Engaging the button for the first time will display a dropdown, providing your WC link along with instructions. Should you need them, these guidelines can be expanded or collapsed at will.

  • Customized User Interface: After you have opened this dropdown once, the instructions will be hidden. However, the they are always accessible via the 'i' icon in the top-right corner.

  • Finding the WC pairing code: To obtain a pairing code from a dApp, click Connect wallet, look for WalletConnect option, then click on the "copy" icon.

  • Pasting the pairing code to Safe: After you have copied the pairing code, get back to Safe and click the Paste button. The browser might ask for your permission - then click "Allow".

  • Connection Confirmation: After entering the WalletConnect pairing code, you'll encounter a confirmation prompt. This serves as a safety checkpoint. Remember, regardless of the dApp, this prompt will always appear as a precautionary measure. Rejecting will revert the process, while approval finalizes the connection.

Special Connection Scenarios

  • Network Compatibility: In instances where the dApp doesn't support the Safe network, the system will showcase the compatible networks, and the 'Approve' button will be deactivated. One can switch networks right in this prompt.

  • Verification Alerts: WalletConnect maintains a list of trusted dApps. With Safe{Wallet}, you'll clearly see if a dApp is verified. But remember, those not verified by WalletConnect won't have any badges or alerts. However, if a dApp is flagged by WalletConnect as suspicious or scamful, you'll receive a red alert."

  • Bridges: In specific scenarios, users may attempt to connect a Safe to bridges that cannot support destination chain addresses different from the source chain address, as observed with the Portal bridge. To protect user assets, we have established a frontend blacklist. Any attempt to connect under these circumstances will be disabled, preventing potential fund loss.

Connection Status Indicators

Once a connection is established, the associated dApp's icon will be displayed in the header.

Last Reviewed: 31.10.2023

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